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Light, cool, fresh and minty, the Iced Menthol blend at Emist is perfect for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you want. With a good throat hit, high in vapour production and being refreshingly pure, this blend hits the top of the list for mint maniacs.

: 10 ml
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Light, cool, fresh and minty, this Iced menthol flavour e-juice at Emist is perfect for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you want.

A great throat hit, cool and thick vapours, this blend of e-liquid stays in the top of the list for mint lovers.

At eMist, we pride ourselves on the quality and variety of vape juice flavours that we provide. We make premium vape e-liquid flavours and make sure to better the user’s vaping experience.

Best Iced Menthol flavour e-liquid available online at our online e juice store in UK. Buy Iced Menthol flavour vape juice online in UK today.

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Products Specifications

FlavorIce Menthol Extracts
Vegetable Glycerin50
Propylene Glycol50
Nicotine6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg
Size10 ml

Why eMist Liquids?

eMist e-liquids are known for their unique e juice flavours and quality vapes! We make sure that our products provide the best vaping experience to vapers everywhere!

Our e-liquids are Diacetyl-free and have a perfect balance of flavours and premium ingredients.

An e-liquid is the soul of your vaporizer. A right blend and balance of ingredients, flavours, and quality can make or break a brand in a market full of e-liquids! Not only does our e-liquids give a flavourful vape but the vapour production and throat hit are also just the right amounts to make it super-satisfying for the vapers!

This makes our e-liquids unique. We also make sure that our products are quality-assured and are TPD compliant so that the vapers can have a quality vape with the best vape flavours!

Smartly Designed Bottles

eMist liquids give you an e-liquid dispenser bottle that is easy-to-use and is unbreakable. This bottle is made of high-grade plastic and is squeezable so that not a single drop is wasted. Along with the body of the bottle, it has a pointed dropper tip to facilitate easy transfer of the liquid into the vape tank.

Unlike the dispenser bottles of other brands that are made of glass and have a medicine dropper, we’ve made the packaging and refilling very time-saving and efficient!

Is it safe?

All our e-liquids are Diacetyl-free, tested, quality- assured and TPD compliant. We at eMist liquids believe in delivering quality products to our users and ensuring that their vaping is not hindered by any unpleasant experience!

We have considered the safety for people of all age-groups! In that. Our packaging is child resistant. The e-liquid bottles are tightly secured with a child resistant cap. So no matter where you keep your stack of e-liquids, rest assured that they cannot harm your children.

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