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The government of India has passed an ordinance on 18th September 2019 making vapes (device and e-liquid) illegal throughout India.

The ordinance prohibits production, manufacturing, import, export, transport, sale, distribution, storage and advertisement of vapes [https://pib.gov.in/PressReleasePage.aspx?PRID=1585438#].

We are seeking clarity on this, regretfully we are shutting our website with immediate effect to comply with this ordinance.

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Vaping tips for beginners

Posted On October 04, 2018

Juicy Grape Flavour Eliquid

Vaping is any day a better option than smoking. It is far less toxic and harmful than smoking and also has very less long-term effects.

The world today is very health conscious and people are shifting to healthier ways to live!

This trend as seen in the case of e-cigarettes as well. More and more smokers are trying to shift to vaping. Vapers are usually so confused since there are so many options and brands available. There are also too many countless flavours to select from. Shifting to vaping from smoking is always hard anyway and choosing the best brand and flavour for yourself is another challenge that they have to face!

Whether you are a beginner in the world of vaping or you have just shifted to it, here are a few tips that you should consider:

• Don’t compromise on the quality by saving money!

One of the most common mistakes that vapers make is that they think paying big bucks for a starter kit is too much! But this is actually not! This may sound appalling to a lot of ex-smokers who would earlier have their fix for tobacco in just a few bucks.

If you have a mindset of saving some money while buying a starter kit or vaping e-liquid or a vaping device, then you would end up vaping on low-quality material that would eventually leave you unsatisfied!

Cheap vaping devices have low-quality clearomizers and hence the vapers do not get satisfied and have their fix for substituting the cigarettes!

• Vape where you are allowed to!

A lot of people that don’t smoke, don’t feel comfortable when people smoke around them. This is also true and can be applied to the non-vaping population!

Just like how we respect the non-smokers by no smoking in public places, the same rule can be followed by the vapers. In many countries, the areas and places where you can vape have not yet been mentioned and legalized. But for those countries that have already announced the place where you can legally vape, you can go ahead and vape away!

And if you are uncertain about the laws, just ask yourself would you feel comfortable while smoking a regular tobacco cigarette in that place? If no, then don’t vape there too! You should be sensitive to the people around you too, while you vape! And of course, you will never have to worry if you are vaping on your private property!

Travel with your supplies:

As a vaper, you should follow some rules without fail! Always make sure you travel with a charged battery, some spare coils, and some e-liquids. This is because these supplies are not very easily available everywhere and you would want to make sure that you are able to vape whenever you start getting the urge. Forgetting these when you travel, would turn you to smoking again. This can be very dangerous and harmful for ex-smokers.

This is the reason why you should always make sure that your battery is in good shape and if your device has a built-in battery, then make sure you bring your charging cable. If your device runs on power mod, make sure you bring 2 spare batteries that keep you going.

In the case of coils, purchasing a pack of 5 would be ideal. The general lifespan of a good-quality coil would be a month but did you start getting that burnt taste while you vape, then it is the time to change the coil.

• Vaping is NOT smoking

Vaping Tips for Beginners

For those who think that shifting from smoking to vaping is easy, be aware! It isn’t! Vaping is on many levels different than smoking!

The feel of the vapour in your mouth. The throat hit, the density, everything is different when you vape. No matter how much the manufacturers try to imitate the taste and flavour of the traditional cigarettes, it is always slightly different when you vape. This is basically because the process of combustion does not take place in the e-cigarettes.

This is the reason why almost all the e-liquid manufacturers have a tobacco flavoured e-juice to supplement the authentic flavour and taste of the tobacco that you get in a real cigarette!

But vapers should try out all the other unique and exotic flavour too! This way they may start to enjoy vaping too.


The only advise ideal and useful for a vaper is that he should experiment! You should yourself find out what suits you the best!

What flavours should you use, how you should vape- you have to find all these answers by yourself!

How much PG/VG ratio is best for you, which one is your optimal setup kit? You will have to try it out and then after some hits and a few misses, you will know what works for the best!

These are some basic beginner tips that you should keep in mind before you start vaping! Keep in mind these tips and you shall never find a problem in adopting vaping!

Happy Vaping!