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Top 4 Ways to Help You Quit Smoking

Posted On October 10, 2018 by Stuti Trivedi

Ways to help you quit smoking

The decision to quit smoking is very personal and a matter of willpower. It is a difficult thing not just because of the nicotine addiction, it is much deeper on a psychological level!

The complex and complicated part is to quit this addiction which has a lot of physical and most importantly psychological side effects.

To quit smoking is a long-term process. The timeline to be taken into consideration, in this case, is a long one. According to a research by Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine, the sincerest and committed ex-smokers stick to their decision of quitting after they’ve managed to stay sober for at least one year. Only 2%-4% of the ex-smokers pick up the habit again after quitting for an initial period of 2 years!

There are many other alternatives that can help out these ex-smokers. Options like Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NTR) like – gums, inhalers or patches are helpful. Drugs like Zyban and Champix, combination therapy, some helpful programs like the Smokenders Program, etc. are very helpful in guiding and supporting people every step of the way.

E-cigarettes are also a very safe and healthy option that ex-smokers can choose. Many studies have come up by well-reputed institutes that prove that e-cigarettes are way more healthier and have a positive long-term effect on smokers.

Here we are discussing some of the options that can actually help you get rid of cigarettes for good!

1. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT):

Nicotine Replacement Therapy, in the long-term, has proven to be very useful in curbing the addiction to nicotine in smokers to some level.

Be it any form of NRT- the gum or inhalers or nicotine patches, the ex-smokers can find a good start if they start with NRTs.

These are temporary solutions or a quick-fix of sorts for that strong and aggressive nicotine urge that the ex-smokers get!

A useful tip- Always carry some form of NRT with you when you are out travelling. You may get an urge anytime and need them!

2. Drugs like - Zyban (Bupropion) & Champix (Varenicline):

Drugs like Zyban and Champix can give you a temporary solution whenever you feel the urges are getting out of control.

Zyban is also known as Bupropion increases the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, enhancing the feeling of pleasure in the human mind. Bupropion also prevents relapse according to the research done by Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center.

However, this relapse period did not last long. In order for this drug to have a positive effect, a long-term usage is advised. But scientists have not been able to validate its long-term effect.

There are many conditions that one has to fulfil before he can take this drug. Zyban could not be used by people:

• With seizure disorders like epilepsy

• Those who are allergic to Bupropion.

• people with liver disorders, kidney problems, heart problems, hypertension, head injury,

• a brain or spinal column tumour,

• diabetes, or

• people using alcohol or benzodiazepine sleeping tablets.

Moreover, Zyban is available only on prescription by a doctor.

Champix is prescribed to people because it is considered to help ex-smokers by reducing their urge to smoke!

This drug is also not suitable for patients having a history of mental disorders, heart problems, kidney problems, etc.

This drug is also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Also, in the hindsight, this drug has had a few side-effects like mental disturbances and changes in behaviour and getting depressed and having suicidal thoughts. If you come across having such side-effects, stop taking the drug and immediately seek doctor’s help.

3. Combination Therapy:

Combination therapy, as the name suggests is a combination of counselling the patient and simultaneously administering him or her in taking his NRTs.

This combination can be applied to different treatments as well along with counselling as a constant part.

This may trigger a faster process for those who want to quit smoking and find it hard to self-control the urges.

4. Unassisted Quitting:

This is the method that is most difficult but the one that works the most too! To quit smoking is much like quitting a bad habit. This is much more a work of self-discipline and self-control than any other external therapy or drug!

It is a very internal process. The reason for relapse may be due to a certain kind of a lifestyle of the person.

The Boston Research found out that certain lifestyle habits like drinking 6 or more cups of coffee in a day or having 5 or more than 5 alcoholic drinks in a day show some likeliness of relapsing!

In the end, it is all about your mind and its willpower to stop yourself from smoking. So, don’t lose hope and keep your mind and your willpower strong.

Follow everything that you can to stay away from smoking and after some time, the urges will get weaker and your resistance will get stronger. Let time play its role and you are good to go!