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Quit smoking with Vaping in Tamil Nadu

Posted On October 31, 2018 by Stuti Trivedi

Due to recent plans of the Tamil Nadu government to ban electronic cigarettes, the youth has come out in the open, criticizing this decision.

The youth of the state say that a ban on e-cigarettes should also be followed by a ban in the tobacco cigarette.

The recent statistics of the state show that the prevalence of tobacco smoking in the state has increased from 9.6% to 10.5%. Also, 31.7% of those who smoked had tried to quit smoking.

This shows a good amount of people wanting to make some healthy life changes. Various NRTs like nicotine gums and e-cigarettes give them a better chance of shifting to a healthy lifestyle.

However, whatever the decision of the government will be, the youth has to free itself from the addiction of smoking tobacco.

For those of you who are struggling to quit smoking, Here, are some of the tips that you can follow:

1. Get rid of all your smoking equipment

If you are planning to quit smoking, the first thing that you should do is get rid of all your smoking paraphernalia.

Keeping all these things might remind you of smoking and trigger your cravings. So, it is for the best to get rid of such things.

2. Don't compromise your sleep

The logic behind getting a good night’s sleep especially when you’re trying to quit smoking is because you won’t be able to resist your craving for nicotine when you’re tired and exhausted.

A good and healthy 8-hour sleep will keep you fresh and energized for the day ahead.

If you are finding it hard to sleep, don’t worry. Insomnia can be a symptom of nicotine withdrawal. A long walk before bed can induce sleep and help you a lot in this case.

3. Meditate

Quitting any kind of addiction is all about keeping your mind and willpower strong. Meditating in such situations can keep your mind calm and give you the resilience that you need to persist through those tough phases.

Meditation in the form of deep breathing and relaxation is most effective when you’re going through nicotine withdrawals.

4. Replacement Therapies go a long way

Various Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs) are being acknowledged by many doctors and ex-smokers since they help you in your initial stages, to get that nicotine fix for your cravings.

Some of the most popular therapies that work are nicotine patches and gums as well as e-cigarettes.

Some people find nicotine patches and gums quite effective. On the other hand, some of them prefer to switch to e-cigarettes.

E-liquids used in e-cigarettes are very important. They should be of a good quality and should offer various levels of nicotine that a vaper can choose from.

Vapes and e-liquids in Tamil Nadu, are available in many brands. But brands like eMist liquids, give you an option in nicotine levels and also has unique flavors to cater to your taste.

However, eMist liquids have a range of flavors that cater to all the types of vapers in Tamil Nadu. Good quality e-liquids and vapes in Tamil Nadu are available at eMist online stores.