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Mouth-to-lung or Direct-to-lung, which one means what in vaping?

Posted On February 08, 2019

Mouth-to-lung or Direct-to-lung in vaping

Just knowing what kind of vaping accessories and vaping devices are best for you, won't quite so much. You should also make sure that you are well-versed with the 'How should I vape?' part.

To understand this, you should know that there are two vaping styles. They are- Mouth-to-lung (MTL) and Direct-to-lung (DTL). Both of these styles are quite famous among the vapers and have their own advantages.

In this blog, we are going to learn in detail about these vaping styles.


Mouth-to-lung is a type of inhaling. When you inhale like this, you take the vapor in your mouth and then breathe it into your lungs.

MTL type of vaping gives you a very intense throat hit since you hold the vapor in your mouth for some time before you inhale it in your lungs. This vaping style gives you a powerful throat hit especially when you use a higher PG vape juice.


Direct-to-lung (DTL) hit is an inhale that directly pushes the vapor to your lungs. When you take a puff, you directly inhale the vapor into your lungs without holding it in your mouth. DTL vaping is just like taking a deep breath and then breathing it out.

Those who are familiar with vaping and its styles are more comfortable trying out this inhaling technique.

A bit of both?

There is no differentiating line between the MTL and DTL vaping styles. In reality, when you vape, it can be a blur if you try to determine which vaping style you are using.

If we think about it logically, whichever style you use, the vapor has to pass through your mouth first. There can be a combination of both in the way you vape. One style may be more dominant than the other one for you.

This makes it very important to know what these styles are and this will eventually also help you to choose suitable vaping accessories and vaping device for you.

How to do MTL vaping?

For MTL vaping, you have to take a long drag from your mouth first. Take a long, smooth and deep drag and then hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. Then follow it up by inhaling and breathing in the vapors into your lungs before exhaling.

How to do DTL vaping?

Before you try DTL vaping, you should make sure that the vape is more smooth, airy and not dried up! So make sure that the airflow in your vaping device is wide.

After you do this, take a full, deep and steady vape straight to your lungs. You'll feel the hit a few seconds later.

Which one is better?

To choose which one is better for you is like asking what kind of food is better for you? It is very subjective and different people may find different things working out for themselves!

To have a deeper understanding of this, let us look into which style suits what kind of person:

If you are a beginner:

MTL vaping resembles smoking a regular cigarette to some extent. This is the reason why most of the vapers who are just starting out, feel more comfortable and at home when they try MTL vaping.

MTL vaping is ideal for vaping devices that support higher nicotine levels and have tighter draws. The vape juices having higher nicotine levels are more preferable since they give a stronger throat hit.

Whereas, DTL vaping for such vapers can be more powerful and intense. In some case, it might cause some irritation in the throat or lead to coughing.

If you want the flavour to be prominent

Apart from the beginners, vapers who have been vaping for a long time, also believe that MLT vaping gives a more flavourful vape.

This could happen since the vapor stays in the mouth for a few seconds due to which the vaper can taste and feel the flavour better than in the DTL style of vaping.

So, for those of you who love trying out different flavours and enjoying the flavours of your vape, MTL vaping is best for you.

If you are a fan of big and intense vape clouds:

You must have seen many vapers vaping away those amazing clouds! Well, if you are a fan of that and want thick and massive clouds of vapor, you should try DTL vaping techniques.

The DTL vaping experience is even more intense than MTL vaping since the vape gets directly into your lungs that intensifies the vaping experience and also since you have a stronger exhale from your lungs, more vapor is produced.

Moreover, regardless of what you like, you should also keep in mind the type of e-juice you are using for your vape. The PG/VG ratio and the nicotine strength in your vape has a big role to play in your vaping experience.

Make sure you check out eMist liquid's vape juices that are available in different PG/VG ratios and nicotine strengths.