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Most popular vape juice flavours around the globe

Posted On May 06, 2019 by Mikin Soni

Most popular vape juice flavours around the globe

Selecting the best e juice for yourself can be quite tricky and confusing since there are so many flavours available in the market and there is a new flavour in the market every day! It is because every person has a different preference when he is looking for an e-juice.

There can be different motivations for different people to select any e-juice. These motivations can be:

  • An ex-smoker looking to shift to a healthier option of vaping.
  • A person inclined to vape only for the flavours, and
  • A person who is into vaping because it’s the new cool and their friends are into it.

Now, all these motivations lead to choosing completely different flavours of e-juices. However, on studying the buying behaviour of vapers throughout the world, there have been some repetitive buying patterns regarding particular flavours and brands of e-liquids!

When vaping started, its main aim was to give the smoking addicts a better option to shift to. Vape juices were made keeping them in mind. But today, the entire vaping scene has changed globally. With many countries accepting vaping as a legal activity with positive reforms around it encourage smokers to shift to a healthier option, vaping definitely has a bright future ahead.

Vapers now, look into many other aspects of vaping. There has been an emerging trend of vaping artists that perform amazing vaping tricks! This type of audience usually goes for e-liquids that give them the maximum vapor or cloud production.

With this being said, there are those who vape only for the unique and new flavours.

2017 has shown some big brands of e-liquids experimenting with flavours successfully! 2018 will only bring good news and newer trends in the industry.

Now keeping in mind, the taste and the choices of the vapers all around the world, here are a few flavours that are going to rock this year!

1. Strawberry

Strawberry e liquid has been the most common and hip flavour among the vapers. It is because this flavour provides a combination of sweet and tangy along with that familiar taste of strawberries!

Another reason why this flavour is a big hit throughout the globe is that a lot of different flavours can be created using just this basic flavour!

There is some version of a strawberry based flavour that almost all the brands of e-liquids sell.

Some of the famous flavours like Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny is a flavour that gives the hints of a dessert with its creamy and custardy flavour with sweet undertones of strawberry when you exhale. This flavour has been a big success with vapers. This flavour has earned a rating of 4.5/5 on Giant Vapes!

Another flavour called Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood is favourite among the vapers. This flavour is known for its blend of 4 different creams along with a subtle kick of tang of strawberry.

Other honourable mentions are the Oh Vape flavour of Beantown Vapor. This flavour is a blend of strawberry and cream. Boosted E-juice has a flavour called Boosted that has a taste of strawberry milkshake and apparently is a success among the vapers!

Time Bomb Vapers have a flavour called TNT that has a unique blend of strawberries, apples, and peaches.

Jam Monsterhas a flavour called Strawberrythat has the unique flavour of strawberry jam on warm buttered toast!

2. Vanilla

This flavour has an impression of rocking up the vaping scene globally for the year! Vanilla is an ingredient that has the ability to complement any other flavour in your mind! It is this quality of vanilla flavour that keeps it going throughout the year!

All the brands have at least one vanilla based flavour in their e-liquid offerings! There are many amazing examples of flavours like Soul Custardy from Beantown Vaporis a blend of vanilla custard with hints of bourbon, graham crackers, brown sugar, and butterscotch.

Another unique vanilla-based flavour offering is a flavour named Deviant from Sicboy that is a combination of cherry cake and vanilla ice-cream! Talk about out of the box flavours!

For those who have a sweet tooth and love the flavours of desserts, MBYC from Sicboyhas it all! This flavour has a unique blend of Praline ice-cream and vanilla custard. A heaven for dessert-lovers!

Other worthy mentions are flavours like Tribeca from Halothat gives a vape flavour of tobacco, vanilla, and caramel. Vapers should try out these flavours for sure!

3. Blueberry

For those of you who love fruity e-juices, blueberry is a must!

This flavour is one of those mandatory flavours that an e-liquid brand always has in order to satisfy the vapers’ appetite for fruit-based flavours!

Some of the brands have blueberry flavours that are crowd favourites! Once in a Blue Moon flavour from Kind Juice is a pure blueberry flavoured e juice. This flavour brings in the flavour of natural, fresh picked, wild forest blueberries! And the brand states that the ingredients in the e-juice are 100% organic.

The Blue Razz flavour from Air Factory is a blueberry flavour that gives you a taste similar to a blueberry candy! It has been found that this flavour is so popular among vapers that people have burned about 100ml bottles of this flavour in just about a week!

Another pure flavour is the Blueberry Blast flavour from eMist liquids with a tart, tangy and sweet fruity taste with a perfect throat hit!

When it comes to blending blueberry with other fruits or flavours, e-juice like Andromeda by Space Jam comes to mind! This flavour has a creamy base with pomegranate and blueberry extracts!

There may be many more flavours from different brands that are a big hit among vapers but these are some of the top favourites of 2018!

4. Custard & Cream based flavour

Lately, vapers are showing an amazing acceptance in trying out new and some really unique flavours in e-juices. The custard and cream-based flavours were a novelty some time ago in the vaping industry. But now, vapers have shown a great liking for these kinds of flavours.

Cream-based and custard-based dessert flavoured e-juices have a growing market. Many vapers like to vape these e-juices just for flavours like these!

Some of the most famous flavours are Taruto by Yami Vapors. This flavour is one of the most unique flavours you’ll find in the market. It is a dessert flavoured e-juice that tastes like warm graham crust, filled with a smooth and creamy custard. This flavour was made to taste like a Portuguese Egg Tart, which is a popular European and Asian dessert.

Another famous flavour called Killer Kustard by Vapetasia is topping the charts with rave reviews. This flavour is made in the USA and it brings a smooth and creamy vanilla custard flavour to your vape and it stands out from other flavours in the market because of its rich and dense taste and a smooth inhale/exhale!

5. Mint-based flavours

This is probably the most common flavour that can be found in e-juices and it never gets old freshening up your palette and cooling you down!

There are some very famous menthol-based flavours this year that you can definitely try out!

Another crowd favourite menthol-based flavour by eMist is Cool Spearmint. This flavour is a pure menthol-based flavour that adds a cool, light and refreshing hit to your throat. This mint eJuice also gives you a high vapor production!

These are the flavours that are and will be vaped the most in this year! These mentioned brands have unique and exciting flavours for the vapers.

At eMist too, we specialize in our authentic and original flavours that are made to give an ultimate vaping experience to the vapers! These flavours give a good throat hit and give great vapor production. Have a look at our flavours and decide for yourself!