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How to prevent e-cigs from exploding

Posted On August 03, 2018 by Stuti Trivedi

How to prevent e-cigs from exploding

Now that e-cigarettes have been proved to be a far healthier option than the conventional cigarettes, there have been many cases lately, of e-cigarettes exploding that is catching attention.

This triggers a question that why did the explosions happen? So, in order for these incidents to NEVER repeat themselves again, it is important to educate the vapers and share the information on how to handle the e-cigarettes with them!

This information is especially important for those who are new to vaping and may not know how to operate or use the e-cigarettes.

Here are some pointers that may help you in this case.

Go for branded options available:

  • You should not compromise on the quality of the product. Spend those extra bucks and go for a well-reputed brand that has been doing this for years. This will save you a lot of problems and repairs in the device.
  • Another thing is that these brands have good quality material that has been used to make the device, which means that a little bit of overheating may lead to such explosions.
  • The smaller, unknown brands do not always follow the quality checks and follow substandard manufacturing conditions. Many devices manufactured in China are reportedly involved in such explosions or defective devices and products that don’t last long.
  • Make sure that you choose a well-reputed and a credible brand when you buy your e-cigarette device.
  • Read the manual instructions!

We all have a habit of totally ignoring the user manuals or user instructions of various devices and products that we buy. On the contrary, one should always thoroughly read these instructions for a longer life of the product.

Do not brush the user instruction booklet aside. Read it carefully. In this case, if you read the instructions, you would know how to handle your e-cigarette device once it gets overheated or when there is some problem with its functioning.

Doing this would not only be helpful in avoiding any case of the explosion but would also result in a long and durable life of your device.

Avoid overheating the atomizer

Avoid overheating the atomizer :

It has been observed many times, that vapers hold the button down on their devices for long stretches of time. This is not right. The maximum allowed time for the button to be held down is 5 seconds.

Holding the button down excessively for long periods of time could lead to the atomizer getting overheated. Another thing that can cause the atomizer to overheat is if the device is continuously used. Chain vaping can also cause this overheating!

The ideal way to handle this problem is to let your device rest for a while before you vape again. Once you feel that your device has started to heat up fast, set it down for a while. It is also advisable to keep your device away from flammable objects.

Keep your device away from water :

  • The e-cigarette is eventually an electronic device. So, make sure that you keep it away from water.
  • If it is exposed to water, the device may start to malfunction or may even cause ignition due to some circuit problems.
  • It is most advisable to keep your device in a dry, cool place and certainly keep it away from water.

These are a few tips to avoid your e-cigarette device from exploding. If you make sure to follow these tips, your device would work efficiently, would last longer and would certainly not explode!

Now that you are clear about how to handle e-Cigg and stop it from exploding, check out the starter kits and vape juices on our store. We ship globally.