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Helping hand to quit smoking in Mumbai

Posted On November 02, 2018 by Mikin Soni

The number of people in the world who smoke, is decreasing by the minute. More and more people are understanding the negative effects of smoking tobacco and are making proactive changes in their lifestyles to lead a healthy life.

The span of 2009-2010 to 2016-2017 saw a significant fall of 3.8% in the number of smokers in Maharashtra.

All across the state, 6% men and 1.4% women smoke tobacco. Those consuming smokeless tobacco are even more in numbers.

Mumbai is the biggest city in the state and hence contributes the major numbers in this statistic.

Although there is a fair decrease in the number of smokers, the numbers are still significantly dangerous.

This is the reason why ex-smokers and vapers should follow some tips when they decide to quit smoking. For all of you vapers in Mumbai, below are some tips that might be useful in order to quit smoking:

1. Don't be afraid of the fear

Most smokers have a paranoia and fear of the day when they will have to quit smoking. The addiction that they have for smoking leads them to think that they would never be able to quit smoking and when they decide to quit, they have an in-built fear mechanism that always pulls them back to smoking again.

So, you need to control that fear and convert that into motivation to push through these tough times. You should focus on the rewards you’ll reap once you have freed yourself from the addiction rather than giving up your resolution.

2. NRT like e-cigs

Various Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) like nicotine patches, chewing gums, nose sprays, e-cigarettes, etc.

While nicotine patches are an external treatment, chewing gum and e-cigarettes are treatments that include chewing and inhaling nicotine infused products.

Coming to e-cigarettes, it is advisable that the e-liquids used in such devices are of good quality and offer various options in nicotine levels.

When it comes to vapes available in Mumbai, our brand, eMist liquids provides just that! Vapers in Mumbai can buy their e-liquids online.

There is also an option of zero nicotine level in the e-liquids that non-smokers can also try out. Apart from this, we have an extensive range of flavours catering to all kinds of vapers. Other famous brands like Veppo, Nasty Juice, Vapebuddys, etc. also have similar offerings.

3. Stay well-hydrated

Drinking lots of water can prove to be really helpful since it washes your body off of all the toxins from smoking and also beats down all your cravings for nicotine.

Having loads of water also helps you while you’re going through those crazy mood swings during the nicotine withdrawals.

4. Be Patient

In the end, you have to be patient with yourself and with your time when your dealing with nicotine addiction. There will be a lot of times when you’ll want to quit everything and start smoking, but, during those times you have to keep your calm, stay persistent and motivated to achieve your goal.

For those of you who are just starting out this journey, it is advisable to start with 6 mg and 18 mg of nicotine strength when it comes to eMist flavours. You can check out all our eMist flavours here.