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Everything About PG/VG Ratios in e-liquids

Posted On September 04, 2018 by Stuti Trivedi


The most frequent question in the minds of the vapers is about PG and VG content of the e-liquids.

This article is to address all those questions in the minds of the vapers!

These are the bases of the e-liquids. There is a difference between PG and VG based e-liquids.

What is PG?

Propylene Glycol stands for PG. This is basically an organic compound produced from Propylene oxide. It is clear, colourless liquid which is basically used as a flavouring carrier in these e-liquids. It has no particular taste of itself.

PG is comparatively thinner than VG. PG based e-liquids are more common that VG based e-juice. PG is FDA approved and safe to use.

PG-based e-juices:

PG based e-liquids give a stronger throat hit and a stronger flavour and its vapour also feel warmer.

The e-liquids containing a higher amount of PG makes them thinner since the viscosity of PG is low. This is the reason why they work better in tanks and cartomizers.

These kinds of e-liquids also produce fewer amounts of vapours compared to VG liquids. And since they are quite thinner in consistency, they can be easily refilled in the atomizer, cartomizer. Another advantage of these kinds of liquids is that they form no gunk in comparison with the VG liquids.

The PG based e-liquids also have a longer storage time than VG liquids due to their moisturizing properties. PG-based e-liquids have a higher temperature resistance than VG-based liquids.

Due to their thinner consistency, they get easily absorbed by the wick material and as a result, you start vaping quite earlier than in VG.

Besides all these positive sides of using a PG- based e-liquid, there have been some negative reactions to it as well. Many vapers have had a complaint of an allergic reaction to PG liquids. Most of them have also noticed a sense of irritation upon vaping a PG e-liquid. It has also been found out that 2% of the total e-cigarette smoking population is allergic to PG based e-liquids.

What is VG?

VG is the abbreviation for Vegetable Glycerin. It is extracted from plant oils and hence is natural. Like a PG liquid, it is also clear, colourless and odourless and sweet in taste. US FDA has also approved of VG based liquids.

VG-based e-juices:

These are less in demand in comparison to the VG e-liquids. Unlike PG liquids, these liquids are thicker in consistency and are mildly sweet in taste. Due to its sweeter taste, the actual flavours are hard to identify. The flavour doesn’t give a strong it if you compare it with what you get while using a PG liquid.

But VG based liquids create more vapour and the density of this vapour is also more. Its vapours too have a sweet aftertaste.

Although you get more vapours while using VG liquids, you would not get a stronger throat hit with them!

Also due to their thicker consistency, they form a residue near the heating coil upon a longer use. It’s thicker consistency also makes it consume more power and it also takes some threshold time to achieve the maximum vaping experience!

However, this type of e-liquid is less allergic amongst the vapers.

The Ideal Mix of VG-PG liquids!

Due to the advantages that are there in both the types and to compensate each other’s limitations, manufacturers produce the best quality flavours and e-liquids by mixing certain proportions of VG and PG bases and form an e-liquid.

Now, vapers can choose from the proportions that these manufacturers provide. E-mist has lots of variations in fruity flavoured e-liquids based on the VG-PG proportions.