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Difference between e-Cig and Vaporizer

Posted On February 27, 2019 by Dhaval Pandit

Difference between e-Cig and Vaporizer

Many of you might find it difficult to choose a vaping device that'll suit you the best! Well, you can't be blamed for that since there are a lot of them in the market today.

This is the reason we are going to debunk some basic distinctions between e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

Let us jump right to it!


What are e-cigs?

Initially, when e-cigs were first introduced in the market, the main goal of the manufacturers and the marketers was to make people accept e-cigs. So, they were designed in the form of cigarettes but they worked on a battery.

As time passed on, they came out in many different and attractive colours and flavors as well. The first phase they were disposable and then, later on, they started having these replaceable cartridges.

They are battery-powered devices and provide the users the option of various nicotine strengths to choose from.

In earlier models of e-cig, you had to push and hold the atomizer button to heat up the e-liquid. Modern e-cigs light up once you take an inhale.

Any electronic cigarette consists of 3 components- a battery, a cartomizer, and a mouthpiece. That the battery powers the device, the cartomizer contains the cartridge that is filled with the liquid nicotine, flavourings, etc.


What are vaporizers?

Vaporizers are the vaping devices that do not look like traditional cigarettes.

There are devices that look like a pen, they are called as vape pens. Then there are vape mods, box mods, pod mods, etc.

Vaporizers too have atomizers where the e-liquids are stored and heated whenever the device is activated. Now, the vaporizers do not have disposable cartridges. Once the liquid gets used up, you can just refill it again with fresh e-juice.

Vaporizers have more control features that help the vapers achieve that perfect balance between big, amazing clouds of vapor as well as a good throat hit.

Another difference is that they have batteries having higher capacity. Therefore, you do not need to charge them as often as you would have to charge an e-cig. They also are larger and bulkier in shape and size, which means you, can store more e-liquid in the vape tanks.

Major Difference between E-cigs and Vaporizers

There are some profound distinctions between the two types of the devices. Below are certain factors based on which we can understand their differences.


E-cigs look like tobacco cigarettes since their main purpose was to make people feel comfortable in shifting to vaping from smoking. They pretty much work the same excessively. Vaporizers, on the other hand, do not look like traditional cigarettes. Vaporizers are of different kinds too, but none of them looks like normal cigarettes.

Shape and Size

Since e-cigs look like normal cigarettes, they are much more compact and smaller than vaporizers.

Battery Life

E-cigs have smaller batteries due to which their battery life is much less than vaporizers. Vaporizers have batteries that are durable and last longer and they are rechargeable as well.

Refillable or not?

E-cigs have non-refillable cartridges that are pre-filled and can be placed in the mouthpiece. Whereas, vaporizers have refillable cartridges that you can fill with any flavourings or liquid nicotine of your choice and they don't need to be replaced.


Since each part of an e-cig of a different brand is different in their design, they are not compatible with other brands.

On the other side, vaporizers allow you to customize since they have device parts that are compatible with the devices of other brands too. So, you can create your vape device according to your needs and preferences.

Start-up costs

The start-up costs for e-cigs are much low since they are simple devices and do not have many features.

On the other hand, vaporizers are the devices are more complex and may need investments in the start-up phase.


Vaporizers can provide you with more flavors since you can add and mix different flavors and create your own blend of favourite flavors. This is not possible in e-cigs since you cannot mix or combine different flavors.

We hope that these above factors will help you make a better decision of what kind of vaping device suits you the best.

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