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Best range of fruity vape juice flavours in India

Posted On December 06, 2018

Fruity Vape Juice Flavours in India

India is a country of many seasons; and each season brings a new fruit with it. This is the reason why many different types of fruits are so loved and famous in the country.

So, when it comes to e-liquids and e-cig juices, Indian vaping audiences tend to go for fruit-based flavours. Although there are many different vape juice stores available here, people usually buy e-cigarette liquid flavours that are fruity in taste and flavours.

Moreover, for those who are new to vaping, these fruit-based vape juice flavours are a safe bet. Since they like the flavours, they may get motivated to vape again! So, fruit-based e-liquid flavours are favorite and sell a lot among the Indian audiences.

Blueberry Blast:

This is one of the best vaping e-liquid flavour by eMist liquids, that never disappoints the fruit lovers in the house. The fresh and refreshing taste of freshly-picked blueberries will surely make you want more!

This e-liquid flavour is quite famous among our Indian vapers since it gives them a perfect combination of sweet and tangy.

Breaking the stereotype of only associating the fruit with pies and muffins, we give you this classic pure blueberry flavour e liquid that is definitely going to be a big treat for those who love tangy and citrus flavours.

This flavour is available in 3 different sizes- 10 ml, 30 ml and 60 ml.

We, at eMist liquids, also give our customers the flexibility to choose from 3 different nicotine strengths. You can choose whichever level that you are comfortable with for your nicotine juice. The 3 levels are – 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg.

You can buy this e-cigarette liquid flavour at our online vape juice shop.

Green Apple:

This fruit is famous since it has a flavour that goes along with a lot of cuisines and other food items. When it comes to vaping, this flavour of eMist liquids, gives a strong throat hit with good clouds of vapors.

This was and is, one of the most loved, classic fruit-based vaping e-liquid flavours of all the time. But it got overshadowed by all those new combination e-liquid flavours available in the market.

Even then, this vaping e-liquid flavour has not lost its magic. There are still many vapers that prefer this flavour over other fancy, new flavours of e-liquids.

This flavour is also available in 3 different sizes and nicotine strengths. You can buy this nicotine juice from our online vape juice shop.

Juicy Grapes:

This is a unique vape juice flavour that can surprise a lot of vapers. The sweet and sour flavour of the grapes make the vaping experience even more remarkable.

This flavour has unique and refreshing undertones of the sweetness of ripe grapes. It ensures that you get a tangy inhale and a sweet exhale. It is a big treat for those who love to try out quirky flavours.

This is the best vaping e-liquid, if you’re looking for a punch in the flavour with a good throat hit and it also gives impressive cloud production.

This flavour is also available in 3 sizes and nicotine levels that you can comfortably choose from.

In order to buy this e-cigarette liquid, you’ll just have to visit our online vape juice store.

Mango Magic:

Another exciting flavour of all time is Mango Magic. It gives a sweet mango-flavoured vape and forms amazing clouds.

The vapors that this e-liquid gives, have a thick textured feel and the flavour of mango just intensifies the whole experience for the vaping aficionados.

Vapers all across the country appreciate the sweetness of mango in the vape in this flavour. It is one of the biggest sell-out flavours of eMist liquids.

It sells out the minute we restock it. You better hurry and check our online vape juice shop to buy this vape juice!

Fruit Facula:

This e-cigarette liquid flavour belongs to our premium collection called Blanked. This e-cig juice flavour is quite unique in the way that it tastes.

It is because it’s a combination of different kinds of forest berries that give you a sweet, tangy and earthy flavour.

It gives off a subtle sweet taste with a prominent citrusy flavour of wild berries. This e-liquid flavour adds a refreshing zip to your palette!

This flavour too gives you a strong throat hit and thick clouds of vapor. You can have this e-liquid in 3 different sizes and nicotine strengths. Buy this e-liquid flavour from our online e-liquid stores.

All the eMist liquids are tried and tested relentlessly until a perfect and balanced e-liquid is obtained. Therefore, the quality of these e-liquids is exceptional. We believe in providing the best to our customers.

This is the reason why our prime focus is on delivering the best vaping experience to our users. Keeping this in mind, all our e-juices are available in 3 different quantities and nicotine levels too!

Some of our all-time favorite flavours include Mango Magic, Juicy Grapes and Cool Spearmint. You can have a look at all our e-juices by heading over to our online vape juice store.