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Are e-cigs the best smoking alternative?

Posted On January 03, 2018 by Dhaval Pandit

Okay, here we go with some researches given below. You decide.

E-Cigs Vape Juice

1. CDC Study

As per this study, it is shown that vaping is the most popular method to quit smoking. Unlike many contradictory studies, this one firmly establishes the point that the vaping movement had made since a decade: you can’t stop vaping because it works. CDC has been a known critique of vaping and its own research points out that they acknowledge the growing phenomena.

The study looked at more than 15,000 adult smokers over more than 2 years. The goal was to determine which quitting methods worked best. More than half of those who tried to quit used more than one method. Vaping was recognized as the best method.

2. NIH studies

National Institute of Health has revealed that smoking cessation among vapers had more than 40% success rate. In the present times, when governments are as eager to regulate smoking in the same manner as vaping, this study finds that professional vaper’s help is instrumental in quitting smoking as compared to government funded nicotine cessation treatments. Even for smokers who don’t quit, smoking was reduced by at least 25%. Quality vaping products, better battery-life and good quality e-liquids play an essential role in quality vaping experience sans harmful problems.

3. Clinical Science Findings:

Lungs are the biggest casualties in smoking cigarettes. The toxic components affect lung breathing function and impact lung cells and inner linings. Most pharmaceutical therapies involved nicotine patches, gums, sprays and other such products.

But, what about Vaping? One such study in clinical Science (August 2016) sheds light on this aspect. The authors of the study were interested in understanding the impact on lung function and breathing. What they found was a pleasant surprise.

They categorized vapers into three kinds:

  • Complete quitters
  • Partial quitters
  • Unchanged.

In a period of 1 year, they found significant improvement in lung breathing and functioning in two groups, while those who relapsed back to smoking had impaired lung function.

The studies mentioned here, are in the long list of growing body of actual, scientific evidence about how vaping is 95% less harmful for smoking.

Vaping is the future in our world. With the spread of vaping awareness, more and more people are choosing to quit smoking altogether.

Posted by - Dhaval Pandit

Dhaval is having solid intrapreneurial experience in developing business strategies around new idea/vision, forming & growing teams and execution of go-to-market programs that surpass goals. He is passionate about helping companies to scale; since 11+ years he is been working with product and service companies at all stages of the business lifecycle.